Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Price is Right - Results

Thanks for all that participated in the "Lake Atitlan Price is Right." I was hoping to have the answers up by last Friday, but I was in Huehuetenango (a rural village in Central Guatemala, pronounced: Way-Way) and had zero access to internet for the past few days. I am excited to announce our winner, Ashley Foster, from Seattle, WA. Below are the correct prices along with the leaderboard of all contestants. After receiving all entries I decided to omit 2 questions (full week of rent, and 3 hours of spanish lessons) as my immediate family had "insider information." The hacksack Ashley has won is not your average toy played by kids outside at reccess. This hackysack was made by the Lema Cooperative who are famous as one of the only cooperatives in Guatemala that use Natural Tint for there products. Lema purchases only white threads, and creates natural colors from resources in Guatemala. Everything from plants, coffee beans, insects, tree's, and many other natural resources are used in a cooking-like procedure to provide the greens, yellows, browns, and reds in the hacksack. Stay tuned for more competitions to come in the future.

Real Prices ($)
1) Chocolate covered banana = 0.12
2) Strawberry ice cream cone (w/ strawberry sauce on top) = 0.25
3) Kite (flies perfectly in the air) = 0.25
4) French Fries (size comparable to McDonalds regular container) = 0.18
6) 10 chocolate donuts that I bought for my family = 1.23
7) The Prensa Libre Newspaper = 0.37
9) Haircut = 1.23
10) Full loaf of banana bread = 1.96
Total = $5.58

Leaderboard ($ from the total)

1) Ashley - 0.96 (Brother's Girlfriend)
2) Alec - 1.63 (Cousin)
3) Christine - 1.87 (Aunt)
4) Cole - 1.97 (Cousin)
5) Mitchell - 1.97 (Brother)
6) Rich - 2.23 (Dad)
7) Jill - 3.42 (Mom)
8) Shelby - 4.32 (SCU Professor)
9) Rob - 8.32 (Uncle)