Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Me Voy a Panajachel

Today is the big day!  I leave for the airport in a half hour and thought I would give a little update on thoughts and feelings.  I also wanted to apologize for not posting in a few weeks, but finishing up college has been exhausting, overwhelming, but overall a blast.  

I graduated this past Saturday and four days later I am flying down South.  Saying my goodbyes has been hard, but I am motivated to start.  I could have used another month in the States, but the reason I am having to go so soon is the need to get this microbank off the ground.  Mercado Global has already been taking first steps in planning and investment, and they need me down there asap to get started on some of the budgets and to develop the credit methodology.  

I will know so much more about my role with the bank in 24 hours, and I presume that my next post will be ten times more interesting then this one, but I can say right now that I am nervous, a little scared, but sitting above all these is a feeling of excitement.  I recently found out that I will be joining another intern, Meggie, who is a senior from University of North Carolina.  I will be living in the same homestay as her, and we have already been skyping about all the fun activities we want to do: horseback riding in Santiago, visit a coffee plantation, hike the volcanoes, travel to Antigua, Guatemala, and so much more.  Who knows what will come of the next 24 hours, but you will hopefully be hearing of me from me new desk soon.  

By the way, all my friends and I are currently sitting in my room estimating the weight of my luggage.  The consensus seems to be 70 lbs.  uh oh!  Here we go!

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  1. Words cannot describe the pride and excitement I feel for you. Graduating from one of America's top universities and beginning your journey to help the courageous people of Central America is truly amazing. Be happy.

    Love, Dad