Monday, July 6, 2009

10 Things You Should Know

At the moment I have so much work piled up with the microcredit program that Obama would consider fixing health care a walk in the park. I have lots to do, and yet it feels a little stagnant. I am using stagnant to say that we are taking steps forward, but to not have a lot of muddy footprints to show for. Because I am so busy I will refrain from a long post right now, and will keep it to a list of the ten things you should know about me over the past week. Starting with number 10…

10) I ate eggs, beans, and tortillas for dinner every night this past week.

9) I caught six fish. Although the size of the worms we use to catch fish in the United States…still, I caught SIX fish.

8) It rained every day and I saw three lighting storms.

7) This past Monday the kids from my host family just go the okay to return to school. The children have been out of school the past month due to Swine Flu. Hmmm...

6) I watched Michael Jackson music videos with my family on our 10 inch television each of the past four nights. We are all working on our Moon Walk.

5) My Spanish went from a 4 to a 5, out of 10 (on my scale).

4) I wore a Brasil jersey the day Brasil beat the U.S. in soccer.

3) I went two days without light…and could barely tell the difference.

2) My Host Mom made 350 tortillas!

1) I had $500 stolen out of my bank account after I used one out of the only two ATM machines in my town. Bank of America said that it was a criminal who set up a scanner in the ATM. We were able to trace the money and replenish my account. But the question remains…where the hell am I supposed to withdraw money?!

Here are two pictures that I really like. The first is of my with part of my host family. I was attempting to teach one of the boys how to play guitar (that's me in the hammock). Teaching guitar is difficult as it is, so imagine teaching in another language. The second picture is me waiting at the launches for my boat after work.

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